Company Ethos

Company Ethos of Alfresco Rugs Limited

A Family Business

Our commitment and dedication are what we believe to be our company's greatest strength, and from the point of view of you, our most valued customer, this means you can shop and buy from our company, secure in the knowledge that you will receive the very best in personalised customer care.


We are constantly striving to bring together the very best of quality, durability and value for money. 
With today’s growing marketplace and the wealth of availability worldwide, it is not possible to purchase all of our products and components here in the UK, as we would wish. With many products being handmade or indeed, hand-finished, it is sometimes the case that we may need to wait for their completion so unavoidable delays may occur. However we do strive to take our need for high standards and ideals to each and every one of the suppliers we use, whichever country, and in this way, we can ensure that the British quality standards of which we are very proud, are maintained across all of the products we supply or offer, irrespective of their origin.

Delivering value for money

A happy customer is one, who knows that they have bought the very best, at a fair and reasonable price. They know they can expect a long and useful working life from their product, and if it should fail, they will want the confidence of knowing, there is support and accountability if they need to replace it. The majority of our products look and feel far superior in reality than we have been able to portray in their photography. This is the reason why we go to extra lengths to give details of weight and dimensions in our descriptions, to support the quality.

Our Mission and Promise

Our mission is and has always been to trade with our counterparts in an ethical manner, wherever they happen to be.

To always seek the very best that is offered, in quality and workmanship, and to encourage and support our suppliers to do the same.

And finally to ultimately offer a beautifully made item, produced to a high standard, and that has been manufactured with honesty and integrity.